Family owned and operated by Wayne & Rebecca GooleyMaple Tree in the fall

Producers of Pure Vermont Maple Syrup

A family run business the sugar bush is located along A half mile stretch bordering Canada in the town of Newport ctr. VT. on Bear Mt.
We collect the maple sap with plastic pipe line connected to our 1700 maple taps to A vacuum pump which drops the sap into our stainless steel holding tanks, from there it runs through 2” plastic pipe for 550’ to our truck with A 450 gallon tank to be transported about 9 miles to our maple sugar house.
At the sugar house it is pumped from the truck into stainless steel holding tanks and run through A  reverse osmosis machine to concentrate the sap to cut down on fire wood consumption and help speed up the boiling process.
The maple syrup is then boiled down on our 3’x10’ Leader inferno Arch to produce pure Vermont maple syrup, then run through  A maple syrup filter press to make sparkling clean maple syrup, from there it is stored in stainless steel barrels or oxygen barrier jugs for sale to you.

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